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Rigid Torture Cuffs

Rigid Torture Cuffs

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Small laces on the inside of these restrictive restraints provide an unforgettable feel. If you move, you get to feel them!  Whoever wears these cuffs would rather not move at all, no matter in which position he/she is. The Torture Handcuffs are easy to put on and make your BDSM or bondage session go smoothly. The handcuffs are also available classic, restrictive without spikes

The cuffs can be combined with the mitts very well! With this, your sub is at the mercy of the handcuffs and can only hope for your mercy. He or she will not free himself!

The cuffs are closed by an Allen screw that can only be opened with the enclosed key. In the locked state, an opening with the hands is no longer possible, because the screw head is screwed in to the stop and sunk.  With the help of carabiners or locks, there are no limits to your imagination (lock and chain are not included).

The cuffs are circular, therefore the sizes refer to the wrist diameter.

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